Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pandemonium info

Thursday, March 14th
·         Students are responsible for their own way there and back!  Please arrange rides/carpool and/or take transit in groups.  (see maps)
·         Please bring all your costumes/hair/makeup/shoes to school in the morning so you are ready to go after school!
·         Bring your go-card or ID to sign in.  No in and outs.  Bring food/water with you!
·         All school rules apply . . . please be respectful of other students/teachers
·         Keep valuables with you at all times! 
Where:  John Oliver Secondary  (530 E 41st Ave, Vancouver)…Just off East 41st and Fraser Street

When:  Students are excused from their class on Thursday at 2:15-2:30pm.  They are expected to be in all their classes on Thursday and Friday.  No exceptions!

-           Dancers need to arrive by 4:15pm!  Rehearsal starts at 5:00pm. 
-          Doors open at 6:30pm (for parents/friends)  Show starts at 7:00pm

Approximately competition times:
-          Senior Duo (Pow’s) @ 7:30pm
-          Senior Team @ 7:50pm
-          Junior Team @ 8:10pm
-          Junior Trio @ 8:55pm
-          Small Team @ 9:35pm

* Students may leave if they want after they are done performing…please notify Ms.B

Tickets:  everyone gets 1 free ticket… after that, tickets are $5.00 at the door.

- Ms. Branham