Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Panorama Ridge presents,
1 vs. 1 Freestyle Dance Competition
Tuesday, Nov.25th,  2014
Doors open at 4:15pm . . . competition starts at 5:00pm
Panorama Ridge Secondary (64th ave. and 132nd st.)
          Welcome to the first ever, THROWDOWN at Panorama Ridge Secondary!  This event is open to all Surrey students and designed to bring together the High School Dance community in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  This is a freestyle dance competition focusing on musicality, technique, creativity and performance.  Although our students have many opportunities to perform choreographed pieces, they rarely get the chance to showcase their joy of just, “dancing!”  Freestyling is at the heart of hip hop culture and dance, so it is our hope that this event gives students a positive environment to show off their creativity and love of dance! 
          There will be 3 rounds of competition with open cyphers in between. So ALL students can get a chance to show their stuff and have fun!  Judges will not be giving written comments or scores to the preliminary round competitors . . . this will keep the event running quickly and smoothly.  Top 4 competitors will be able to meet privately with the judges after the event to get specific comments and feedback. 

Categories: (2 entries per school allowed per category)
A:  Breaking . . . (all b-boying, b-girling) . . . (all grades)
B:  All Styles . . . (any hip hop/street style, or a combination of styles, ex. popping, locking, waacking, krumping, old skool hip hop, new skool, etc.) . . . (all grades)
C:  Alumni All Styles (open to graduated students from your school . . . preferably within the last 1-2 years)

AJ “Megaman” Kambere (Heavy Hittaz), and Natasha Gorrie (Diamonds Crew)
Emcee:  Kofi

3 Rounds of Competition:  (all 1 vs.1)
A:  Preliminary Round 
-      20 dancers, 10 battles
-      Names will be drawn at random out of a hat
-      Judges will pick the top 4 to advance at the very end of the round.
-      Does NOT matter who you are put up against

B:  Semi-Final Round
-       4 dancers, 2 battles
-      Names will be drawn at random out of a hat
-      “Winner” of each battle will advance to final round
-      3rd and 4th place will be determined by judges at the end of the competition

C:  Final Round: 
-       2 dancers, 1 battle
-      Judges will determine the winner

-      Dancers will not know their music in advance
-      Must adapt to any changes in music (style, tempo, beat, etc)
-      There will be an experienced live DJ spinning
-      Break battles, and All Styles will have different music appropriate to the style.

-       Please email me the names and grades of your 2 competitors per category.
-      (possible total of 6 entries)
-      “First come, first serve”  (20 entries max in each category.)
-      Deadline is Nov.6th . . . at that point, if there is room in any of the categories I will open it up again.
-      Please encourage both boys AND girls to participate in this event . . . most of our students have never done anything like this before, so it will be a learning experience for all!
-      I will send out the maximum number of audience tickets for each school in a separate email. 
-      Teachers must attend the entire event and are responsible for their own students.

-      $10 per competitor
-      $5 per audience member (teachers will get tickets in advance)
-      1 cheque made out to “Panorama Ridge Secondary”

-      Check in between 4:00pm and 4:30pm
-      Bring Go-Card or ID
-      Dancers will be given a number/bib
-      Check the board and listen to the Emcee for the order

Schedule of events:  DRAFT
4:55pm:  Welcome…rules, etc.
5:00pm:  Break Prelims (20 entrees)...10 rounds (1 vs.1)
5:15pm:  Open Break Cypher (10 mins)
5:25pm:  All Styles Prelims (20 entrees)...10 rounds (1 vs.1)
5:40pm:  Open Hip Hop Cypher (10 mins)
5:50pm:  Alumni All Styles Prelims (20 entrees)...10 rounds (1 vs.1)
6:05pm:  Open Cypher (10 mins)
6:15pm:  Break Semi-Finals (top 4) 
6:25pm:  All Styles Semi-Finals (top 4)
6:35pm:  Alumni Semi-Finals (top 4)
6:45pm:  Break Finals (top 2)
6:50pm:  All Styles Finals (top 2)
6:55pm:  Alumni Finls (top 2)
7:00pm:  Open Cypher (10-15 mins)
7:15pm:  Awards

Contact:  Ms. Jenny-Lynn Jensen
Phone:  604-595-8890

New Dance Wear!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014

Biennale "Big Ideas" Show

Dance Company 8-12 will be performing a special piece for this event on May 21st.  "Celebrating Unquieness".  

Shows at 12:30pm for schools and 7:00pm for friends and family.  FREE!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Breakout 2014 line-up

BREAKOUT 2014 (Saturday, April 26th)  12pm start.  @ Chandos Pattison Theatre

Panel “A” Judges: Ervinn Tangco, Lauren Taylor,
                                Amanda Henderson, Teya Wild

1. Panorama Ridge (A) - “World Tour”
3. Queen Elizabeth – “Danger love”
5. Fleetwood Park – “Mariah Carey”
7. Panorama Ridge (B) – “Rugrats”
9. Frank Hurt – “Boombastic”

11. Sullivan Heights – “You can't sit with us"
13. Fraser Heights – “Carnival”                                                                       
15. Tamanawis                                                                                   
17.Frank Hurt(A)–“Freshly baked                                                                                                                           
19. Semiahmoo                         muffins”                                   
21. Queen Elizabeth
23. Princess Margaret – “Pimp my ride”                                        
25. Panorama Ridge – “Puttin on the ritz”                                                    
27. Frank Hurt (B) – “The symphony”
28. Fleetwood Park – “Jr. Chickens”
29. Enver Creek – “Alice in Wonderland”
30. Sullivan Heights – “Elements”
                                                                            (details on back of program)      
JUNIOR HIP HOP continued
31. North Surrey – “Best of the 90’s”                                                                                                                                                            
33. Lord Tweedsmuir – “It’s going down”                                                                                  

35. North Surrey                                                                                 
37. Sullivan Heights – ‘Aphrodite”
39. Princess Margaret – “Bhangra”                                                
41. Lord Tweedsmuir – “Bhangra”                                                                   
43. Guildford Park – “Bhangra”                                                                                                                   
45. Tamanawis – “Bollywood team”
47. Pleasant Valley – “Hunger games”          
49. Rutland – “Ever after”                                               
51. Enver Creek- “Holy Grail”                                       

                                    PART 2 – ADVANCED BREAK BATTLE & AWARDS
Panel “B” Judges: Katheryn Schellenberg, Roberta Bierman,
                                 Navid Charka, Kenny Mugisha

2. Lord Tweeedsmuir – “Divas”                                                                                                                                                                                                 
4. Panorama Ridge – “Fine China”                                                                      
6. Queen Elizabeth – “Latch”                                                                                                     
8. Fleetwood Park – “Summer theme”
10. North Surrey – “Spanish fusion”

12. Enver Creek

14. Princess Margaret – “Lovely day”
16. Enver Creek
18. Sullivan Heights (A) – “Pop, drop & roll”
20. Frank Hurt – “Bad Gal Ri Ri”
22. North Surrey - `Mirrors``
24. Sullivan Heights (B) – “Latch”
26. Fleetwood Park – “Fresh Prince, Will Smith

32. Panorama Ridge
34. Pleasant Valley – “Big Bang theory

36. Rutland – “Off their rockers”
38. Enver Creek – “Red Riding Hood”
40. Queen Elizabeth
42. Frank Hurt (A) – “The golden age”
44. Fraser Heights
46. North Surrey
48. Johnston Heights – “J. Hooligans”
50. Sullivan Heights – “Killin it Krew”
52. Princess Margaret –
53. Frank Hurt (B) – “Hot mess”
54. Fleetwood Park

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Upcoming events!!!

Dear parents/guardians,

Along with their teammates, your son or daughter has been working very hard over the last few months to prepare for the following events.  These events are run by me, and the Surrey Secondary Dance Teachers Association as student centered, family friendly events.  They are an amazing opportunity for our students to perform and be inspired by one another, and are essential to your child’s dance education and growth.  As this is a performing arts course, these events are mandatory and are a large part of the student’s overall evaluation.  Please read over the following events carefully and let me know if there are any issues as soon as possible.  Many times, we can work around other commitments or events your child may have.

Thursday, April 17th:  Surrey District Dance Festival
-  10:30am-1:00pm at the Bell Centre
-  District school buses will transport students
-  Free show!  Family is encouraged to come and watch.

Saturday, April 26th:  Breakout Dance Competition
-  Chandos Pattison Theatre (Pacific Academy Private School) 10238-168th st.
-  Students must arrive by 9:35am (responsible for their own transportation)
-  Show starts at 12:00pm. 
-  Classes dance first…should be done between 12:30-1pm
-  However, students are encouraged to stay and support their school for the rest of the show
-  Over around 4pm or 4:30pm
-  Breakout Bus!  $2.00 in advance.  Shuttle bus organized by teachers.
   2 drop off locations: Newtown exchange or Guildford.
-  Parents, friends and family encouraged to attend!  $10 tickets in advance, or $15 at the door.

Tuesday, June 10th:  Year End Dance Showcase!
-  7:00pm in the large gym
-  Dancers must be there by 5:00pm
-  Tickets are $5 each, $2 for children

* Please check the blog for updates:  www.panoramaridgedance.blogspot.com

* Please email Ms. Jensen if you have any questions:  Jensen_j1@surreyschools.ca

Thank you for supporting dance and the performing arts at Panorama Ridge Secondary!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kelowna 1st Notice (dance company)

DANCE COMPANY:  Dear parents/guardians
We are planning our annual trip to Kelowna again this year.  I wanted to give you some details early on so you and your family can make an informed decision. 
When:  May 9th -11th
-  leaving around lunch time on Friday, attending dance workshops that evening
-  performing/competing all day Saturday
-  returning around 4pm on Sunday.

Where:  Kelowna.  Staying at the Best Western Plus.  Full buffet breakfast included! Indoor pool
Why:  to compete at the Innov8 Dance Competition in Kelowna.
-  attend master class workshops from local teachers
-  bond as a group/team, have fun!
-  collaborate and learn from other dancers/students from various schools

How:  Travelling by deluxe coach motor bus (Universal Coach Lines)

Who:  Dance Company students (grades 8-12)
-  Ms. Branham and Ms. Chan (teachers)
- Jonathon Konrad (male chaperone)
- About 5-6 other Surrey teachers will be also present for the weekend.  We are all staying at the same hotel, sharing bussing, going out for dinner together, etc. 
-  Girls and boys will have separate rooms
-  All school rules will apply.  Strict curfew times, bed time checks, bag checks, etc.

Approximate cost per student:  $190  (breakdown below) . . . subject to change
-  $90 for hotel (2 nights, 2 breakfasts, including chaperone’s room)
-  $70 for bus transportation (3 days, chaperone’s and driver tip included)
-  $15 for Boston Pizza dinner (Saturday night)
-  $15 for competition fees (split equally between group)

* Based on 27 students attending
* We may have some fundraising money to cover some partial costs, but not a lot this year.  The students and I are going to discuss possible options. 

If any parents would like to come up and be extra chaperone’s please let me know as soon as possible.  I can get you the group rate at the hotel. 
* So at this point, I just need to know if your son or daughter can attend, or not attend. 
-  More details, permission forms, etc will be sent out closer to the date. 
-  First payment will be due mid-March, right before Spring Break. 
-  Final payments due end of April. 

Please feel free to call or email me with ANY questions or concerns you may have.  This is an amazing opportunity for our dancers to compete and bond as a team.  I am flexible and open to any suggestions you may have.

Thank you for all your support!!!

Phone:  604-595-8890

Please fill out the following information that applies to you:

My son/daughter __________________________________________ (name), WILL be attending the Kelowna trip May 9th-11th

My son/daughter __________________________________________ (name), WILL NOT be attending the Kelowna trip May 9th- 11th

I am still unsure if my son/daughter ___________________________ (name), will be attending or not.  I will confirm either way by ____________________________ (date).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 showcase videos!


all the showcase videos are up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!