Harbour Dance 2013


Dance Company 2013/2014

Dance Company 2013

Dance Company 2013

Performing at Daffodil Day 2011
Panorama Ridge raised $800 for the Canadian Cancer Society!

Surrey District Dance Festival "Evil Toy Story"

Kung Fu


Arabian Nights

Adrenaline 2011:  Surrey Students (Panorama, Fleetwood, North Surrey, Sullivan)
Panorama Ridge Girls Crew

Panorama Ridge Quadrisaurus Crew

Senior Dance Team 2011

Insane Asylum Dance

Anti-Bulllying Flash Mob 2011

Detention Dance

Jazz/Lyrical Team 2011


Grade 9/10 Dance Team

Grade 8/9 Dance Team 2011

Anti-Bullying Flash Mob Feb.23rd, 2011

                                                                Quadrisaurus at Evolution

                                           Quadrisaurus (PR) and ENTI (sullivan) celebrating!

                                                       Halloween:  Thriller performance!

                                          Japanese Students Visit!!!  gr.8/9 class
2010/2011 logo designed by Russel Peralta (gr.12)
Dance 8-10 class at Breakout 2012 (featured in The Surrey Now)

Dance Company 2012/2013

Senior Team

Junior Team

Dance company field trip to Harbour Dance
Dance classes 2012 performing at Henry Bose Elem
MMJ performing at Henry Bose
James, Gurtaj, Ali win Junior Break Battle at Outbreak 2013
dance classes performing at the pep rally
2012/2013 logo

Hard Knock Life gr.8/9

Aladdin gr.8/9

Aladdin 1st place!

"Your Song"

Teacher Bollywood Dance 2013

Junior Team 2013

Senior B Team 2013
Gr. 10 class 2014 wins 3rd place!
Senior Girls quad 2014 wins 1st place!
Lyrical team 2014
Junior Team 2014 wins 1st place at Outbreak!!!!!

Mission Impossible gr.11


  1. awesomeee i loved Quadrisaurus
    at hit the flooor

  2. ohmygodd cire and jeskooo

  3. Mrs.Branham is the bestest teacher ever <3

    -Emily ~ Period 4 grade 8 :)