Monday, February 28, 2011

Outbreak Small Teams Competition Info

Frank Hurt Secondary Hosts:

DATE:  Monday APRIL 11, 2011
PLACE:   Frank Hurt Theatre
13940 – 77Ave
TIME:  Competition starts @ 6 p.m.
Doors open to public @ 5:30
Show ends @ 8:30 p.m.

Dancer registration should begin at 4:00 p.m. Each school will get their own registration time.

Seats:  There are 210 seats in the theatre.  When I know the exact number of dancers that are registered I will send notice that tickets are available for $10.00. I will probably limit the number of tickets per school so everyone gets a chance to purchase tickets.

Contact:  For general information regarding the small team competition e-mail:
To register email your entries to Paula Johnson, at the address posted above.

The first place winners of each category will showcase their dances at Outbreak.

Cost: $10 per dancer

Please mail the Outbreak Small Team’s Registration cheque to:

Surrey Secondary Dance Teachers’ Association
c/o Jennifer Twigg
Enver Creek
Surrey, B.C. V3S-8X2

All Small team routines are 2.5 minutes maximum.

Junior Duo                            Senior Duo
Junior Trio/Quad                  Senior Trio/Quad
Junior Small 5-8                   Senior Small  5-8

Break Dance Battle:  They will compete at Frank Hurt Secondary on April 11th and the top two teams will battle again at Outbreak for 1st and 2nd places on April 30th.  Third place will be decided at Small Team event.

General Rules of the Competition:
All dancers must be from the same school (except for break groups at the end).  
Breakers must have 6 members per group.
Junior dancers may dance with seniors, but senior dancers cannot dance with juniors.
Schools may NOT enter more than 2 groups in a division.

All music must be edited for profanities or deductions will be severe.
NEW THIS YEAR:  music must be brought on a flash drive to the computer tech (Will) right after your registration.  Once your music is loaded, your spare CD (with school name and division) will act as back-up. If you have more than one entry, all songs can be on one CD in order of the program.

Costumes must be audience-appropriate or marks will be deducted.  This is a family show so moves should be respectful of the audience.  Judges will deduct for bad taste.

Awards will be presented at the end of the evening. All small teams will receive medals from 1st to 3rd. If categories are large we will give out ribbons until 6th place.

NO morning practices for awhile . . .

Attention all teams (except lyrical/jazz team)

No morning practices untill closer to Outbreak in April.  After school practices will continue to clean and polish dances.  Juniors please note the following change . . .

Junior 9/10 team and Junior 8/9 will now practice on the same day!  Wednesdays after school (3-4:30pm)

That means . . . the studio will be open Tuesdays after school!!!  Can be signed out for small groups, duos and trios!!!  See me for sign up sheet.

The dance room will continue to be open at lunch for practice . . . see me for March sign up sheet!

(Remember Outbreak Small Team Competition is April 11th, and Outbreak is April 30th.)  Last major competition of the year!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

High School High INFO: starts at 9:30am!!!

Saturday, Feb.26th @ the River Rock Casino Resort Theatre (8811 River Road, Richmond)

Arrive at 8:30am for registration (dressed and ready to go) . . . competition starts at 9:30am.  Plan to be there untill 3pm (exact times TBA)

get directions:  (if you are skytraining you need to be on the skytrain by 8am!!!)

BRING FOOD WITH YOU!!!  it will be a long day :)

Please see Ms. Branham for tickets $15 ($20 at the door)

HSH t-shirts (black or white) on sale for $20 . . . see a photo of the t-shirts and pre-order your size from Ms. B

Here's the competition line up . . .

Attention Teachers & Team Leaders: It is imperative that you are back stage 3 dances prior to your performance.  Do not disturb performers:  Leave theatre between performance and adjudication. 

High School High Line-Up
Warm Up


1.    Panorama Ridge gr.8/9
11 Dancers

2.    Kwantlen Park – Break
6 Dancers

3.    Vancouver Tech
8 Dancers

4.    St. Patrick Regional Secondary
7 Dancers

5.    John Oliver Secondary
10 Dancers

6.    Johnston Heights
8 Dancers

7.    Kwantlen Park - Hip Hop
8 Dancers

8.    Frank Hurt
7 Dancers

9.    John Oliver      
11 Dancers


1.    Princess Margaret  
2 Dancers

2.    A.R. MacNeill
2 Dancers

3.    John Oliver
3 Dancers

4.    Princess Margaret
3 Dancers

5.    A.R. MacNeill  
3 Dancers

§       Rated Underage

§       Back Avenue Breakers                      

§       Pleasant Valley

Depending on our timing! Make sure to bring food and drinks in case we have to cancel the intermission!

1.    Kwantlen Park  Break
10 Dancers

2.    Sullivan Heights
6 Dancers

3.    A.R. MacNeill
9 Dancers

4.    John Barsby Community School
4 Dancers
5.    Kwantlen Park - Hip Hop        
8 Dancers

6.    St. Patrick
9 Dancers

7.    Sir Winston Churchill
9 Dancers

8.    Kwantlen Park – PCD      
5 Dancers

9.    Port Moody
8 Dancers

10. Regent Christian   
5 Dancers

11. Killarney
9 Dancers

12. LA Matheson
10 Dancers

13. North Surrey
     10 Dancers

14. Panorama Ridge
5 Dancers

15. St Thomas Aquinas
8 Dancers

§       Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz         
§       Frank Hurt                         

§       Rutland Senior Secondary
16 Dancers

1.    Fraser Heights
13 Dancers

2.    North Surrey  
14 Dancers

3.    Enver Creek
15 Dancers

4.    Panorama Ridge gr.9/10
13 Dancers

5.    David Thompson
16 Dancers

6.    Queen Elizabeth
16 Dancers

7.    A.R. MacNeill  
13 Dancers

8.    John Barsby Community School  
13 Dancers

9.    Princess Margaret
14 Dancers

(Winners from First and Second Battles Go Here)


1.    Frank Hurt  
13 Dancers

2.    Queen Elizabeth
16 Dancers

3.    Princess Margaret  
13 Dancers

4.    Pleasant Valley  
25 Dancers

5.    Rutland Senior Secondary  
16 Dancers

6.    John Barsby Community School  
14 Dancers

7.    Enver Creek
14 Dancers

8.    Panorama Ridge
16 Dancers



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anti-Bullying Flash Mob

Ok guys, here is the info . . . remember ITS A SECRET!!!  DO NOT tell your friends!

Pink T-Shirts:  $10 (money due ASAP to Ms. B!)

 Dress Rehearsal:  Tuesday, Feb 22nd 3pm-3:30pm (everyone must attend)

Flash Mob:  Wed, Feb 23rd @ the end of lunch in the multi-purpose area (be there in your spots by 11:30am)

Here's the practice video (gr.11/12 class)  PRACTICE at home!!!

Here is a video that explains what Pink Shirt Day is all about . . .

Here is the video of the Flash Mob at Oakridge Centre that inspired me . . .

But remember, THIS WHOLE THING IS A SECRET!!! Lets keep it that way untill the music starts!!! :)