Please check the home page regulary for any updates and/or important information.

Please email me at anytime at if you have any questions or concerns about the dance program or your child's progress.

Please mark these very important events on your calendar and help your son/daughter to be organized in advance to have a more successful and enjoyable experience.

Your son or daughter is enrolled in a dance course this semester.  Please have a look at their course outline, notices and important events list to help them be successful in this class. 
There will be several events and performances that are essential to the dance program and your child’s education.  Dance is a performance art so performing is a large part of a dance student’s growth and progress.  Students are marked on their preparation as well as their behavior and skills at these events.  Please make note of these important dates and to help ensure your child’s attendance.  If there are any conflicts please inform me as soon as possible.
“It is the policy of the Fine Arts Department at Ecole Panorama Ridge Seconday that all students enrolled in a performance course (music, dance or drama) will participate in all performances that the class is taking part in.  Performances are considered to be exams in these courses and missing a performance may result in a considerable drop in the student’s course mark.”

-       If a student knows in advance that they are unable to participate, they must inform the teacher as soon as possible.
-       If a student is ill on the day of a performance, they must call the school as soon as possible and bring a note from a parent/doctor upon return to school.
-       A student may receive a zero for the missed performance if he/she does not complete a make-up assignment or test.

Panorama Performing Arts Department

Students will be sent home notices and reminders of upcoming important events.  I will also always post these notices online as well.  Please check the dance blog and Facebook page regularly for up to date information.  I will also post class videos and photos on here as well.
Facebook page: “Panorama Ridge Dance”