Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anti-Bullying Flash Mob

Ok guys, here is the info . . . remember ITS A SECRET!!!  DO NOT tell your friends!

Pink T-Shirts:  $10 (money due ASAP to Ms. B!)

 Dress Rehearsal:  Tuesday, Feb 22nd 3pm-3:30pm (everyone must attend)

Flash Mob:  Wed, Feb 23rd @ the end of lunch in the multi-purpose area (be there in your spots by 11:30am)

Here's the practice video (gr.11/12 class)  PRACTICE at home!!!

Here is a video that explains what Pink Shirt Day is all about . . .

Here is the video of the Flash Mob at Oakridge Centre that inspired me . . .

But remember, THIS WHOLE THING IS A SECRET!!! Lets keep it that way untill the music starts!!! :)

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