Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dance Away Cancer Fundraiser Show, Tues. Apr.26

Meet in the theatre at the beginning of lunch!  Please get there as fast as you can (in costume ... no need for full makeup and hair) and sit on the stage floor.  Tell your friends to come and watch the show for $2!

1.  Paparazzi: gr.9/10 period 3
2.  Arabian:  gr.11/12
3.  Toy Story: gr.9/10 period 4
4.  Kung Fu:  gr.8
5.  Senior Hip Hop Team
6.  Burlesque:  Jazz/Lyrical Team
7.  Senior Girls Crew
8.  Quadrisaurus
9.  Megan and Savannah Duo (if time)
9.  Where is the Love: Flash Mob (if time)

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