Monday, October 24, 2011

Important dates

Panorama Ridge Dance
Important Dates
There have been some changes to our events calendar . . .
Halloween Costume/Makeup Day:  Wednesday, Oct. 26th  (in class)
Halloween Dance Practice (all classes):  Friday, Oct. 28th (3pm in the large gym)
Halloween show!!!:  Monday, Oct.31st at lunch in the large gym

Works In-Progress Show:  Thursday, Nov.17th  7pm in the theatre (new date!)
            -  Mandatory for all dance classes and teams
            -  Students must attend rehearsal the same day from 5-6pm
            -  Show starts at 7pm (family members only please.  Entrance by donation)
            -  This will be a low key practice type showcase . . . show will be over in less     than an hour.  We encourage family members to attend and show their support.

Breakout Competition (small teams):  Monday, Nov.28th (NOT mandatory)
            -  6pm at Fleetwood Secondary
            -  Tickets $5 or $10 dollars
            -  Come out and support our dance teams!!! 

Christmas End of Semester Showcase!:  Thursday, Dec.15th 7pm large gym
            -  Mandatory for all dance classes and teams!  Final evaluation of semester!
            -  Invite all your friends and family!!!  Tickets on sale in December

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