Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Upcoming events!

Wednesday:  Dance Company XMAS party 3-5pm! 
                   - (bring a wrapped gift if you wanna play secret santa, and a food item for the potluck)

Thursday:  Spirit Assemblies!  Junior team 8:30am-10:47am (period 3 and 1st half of 4)
                                                   Senior team 9:47am-11:47am (all of period 4, double block)

Friday:  Henry Bose Elementary performance!  (all classes and teams)
             - get out of class at 12:00pm (period 2).....missing all of period 1
             - meet in dance room for attendance...walking to henry bose at 12:20pm
             - bring ALL costumes!
             - students will be dismissed at 2pm from henry bose elem. (early friday)

Monday:  Dance Company rehearsal (3-5pm)
             -  Junior, senior and lyrical, and small teams
             -  bring all costumes! (including duo, trios, small teams)

             -  be ready by 5:30pm!!!  meet in small gym for attendance
             -  run through the finale together at 5:45pm
             -  extra time can be used for dance teams to mark on stage
             -  doors open at 6:45pm....show at 7pm
             -  tickets are $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for students, kids under 6yrs are free.
             -  show is about an hour....everyone must stay for at least 15mins to help clean up!

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